A letter from the dev team

MarilouBHVRMarilouBHVR Administrator, Dev admin

Dear Deathgarden community,

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your continued support. Whether you’ve played the game, shared feedback, participated in various community platforms, or even been a long-time lurker, you’ve demonstrated that you believe in the development of Deathgarden and what it can become.

In the last few weeks, we collected your feedback, searching through forum entries and social media comments. We debated. A lot. We analyzed data, debated more, and took action. We made quick fixes and have even more meaningful changes on the way. While some elements will take longer to implement, we feel it’s important to take that time to deliver the best possible updates.

Early Access is a fun and challenging development phase for Deathgarden that gives us the freedom to make bold balancing decisions and gameplay changes. It’s the ideal occasion to shape game mechanics, playtest with the community, and collect feedback—all with the goal of creating the best experience for all players. During this time, we’ll continue to provide frequent patches and content updates, and to further explore what makes Deathgarden fun and engaging.

As we’re moving forward with your help, we’d like to introduce a new feature that resonates with your community feedback: the mercy mechanic. The Mercy mechanic allows every scavenger to be downed and ‘recycled’ at least one time before being executed. Following this change, we made quite a few other tweaks to the balance and you’ll have the chance to find out more about it in the upcoming DG Insider and read all about it in the next patch notes.

While we’re still working to balance the feature, we want to be transparent on its development. With the first iteration of the mercy mechanic, we’ll be altering certain requirements, like the total amount of blood scavengers must deliver to trigger the winning conditions. It may create some imbalances, but we’re here to learn, and we’ll continue to improve on it.

We don’t want to hide; if anything, Deathgarden has taught us that boldness is strength. We want to build a game for you, with you. The battle is just beginning as we work on improving the game, building it together, and ensuring it lasts for a long time.

The Deathgarden Dev Team


  • Meyumi_NMeyumi_N Member

    Looking forward to seeing whatever changes might be occurring, development is always a hard process as I wish many would grow to understand.

    Shouldn't let community negativity bring you down from what your vision of the experience should be, but at the same time it's a fine wire to tread.

  • shared_l00tshared_l00t Member
    edited June 2019

    Sweet! I like this mercy mechanic and the minimum blood requirement. Absolutely love this game and will support it until the end!
    Thanks for the updates (:

  • goat2019goat2019 Member ✭✭

    I'm not a fan of the mercy mechanic tbh. I'm worried it will make the game significantly less fun for Hunters. I mainly play as Hunter but I also play as Scav (about 1/3 of the time).

    Of course I've seen all the comments on Reddit where Scav players (who probaly never play as Hunter) are moaning about how frustrating it is being executed in the first minute of the game. I personally don't see how that can be happening to them regularly through any game imbalance. I genuinely think they must be just taking too many risks. I mean, I usually escape alive most games when I play Scav and it's not even my specialism.

    I just worry that if Scavs know they can't die they're going to be all up in the Hunters face all the time trying to "bully" them & for me, that would kill the fun.

    I'm also concious that on the forums there are probably going to be 5 times as many Scav players as Hunter players so they're always going to be able to have the loudest voices. I trust you guys as Devs though. It's been a great game & I'm sure you'll balance it if it doesn't wotrk out.

    I'll give it a chance with the mercy mechanic but I really hope you're willing to buff the Hunters or nerf the Scavs to help level that playing field again. How about Scavs having half the energy they currently have or Hunter weapons doing double damage? Otherwise I'm going to need twice the time to execute them all in (which I never manage to do anyway). Ha ha. :)

  • goat2019goat2019 Member ✭✭

    Also if they must be recycled, can we have the Hunter throw them off the map in a rage "Hulk style" before they re-spawn? That would be kinda cool. ;)

  • VinoVino Member

    Hey developers, Do you guys plan on adding new game modes and unique execution animation for each available hunter? :)

  • FunspaxxFunspaxx Member

    Deathgarden is NOT dbd and this is fine! Scavs have high mobility, cloak and unlimited instant rezz. this doesnt work fair with this "easy way second chance mechanic". It was hard enough for normal or low skilled hunter against swf grps with 3 speed heal arrow fogs and 2 ghosts / inked with cloak, but now u can leave when u get matched with those groups.
    U wanna make a mercy mechanic? Give us an skilled based ranking system and a real option to show mercy. Make the option to press short "e" for mercy, which gives the hunter exp and the scav a second chance or like its now, press long "e" to execute, but not this shit. The next flame wave will come "mimimi, hunters are tunneling! make something against it!"

    I'm done with hunting and if other hunters too, u have no more 30 sec games but 15 mins to find a match where u get destroyed by just the top tier hunter, because no one of the normal and low skilled hunter has fun on this scavgarden.

  • goat2019goat2019 Member ✭✭

    I'm seriously worried I'm not goint to be able to kill any Scavs anymore. I'm not the best Hunter. My matches usually see me execute 0-3 Scavs, sometimes 4 & I've only actually managed all 5 once. But... I score in the top 50% of Hunters on the leaderboard so I probably represent an average player I guess. Seriously, how am I supposed to down a Scav and then find the same Scav and down him again to kill him? Sounds really hard. I genuinly think my matches will typically be "Scav domination followed by all 5 Scavs escaping" from now on. :/ And just a heads up. I enjoy killing the Scavs, not downing them. It is called Deathgarden after all. =)

  • HorizonHorizon Member

    Get rid of this shit it's so bad. My friends and I played for 8 hours the other day, then this shit came out we got bored within an hour because of the respawns. We loved the game because of the pure fear that came out of the game, now we are not even scared to get caught by the hunter because of respawns, make the game back to how it used to be. People want respawns because they can't get away, this isnt the solution.

  • MrHarlekinMrHarlekin Member

    the new killing system is the total crap, the hunter is no longer a threat to the survivors, he is just a joke "come on let's run and annoy him we have a life after that we just hide" what the Hell, you thought so, change the whole system very quickly

    if I want to play an unbalanced game I go to dbd

  • Karnaf360Karnaf360 Member

    Hello there, I usually don't post and those stuff but I kind of feeling like my whole Hunter experience is ruined,
    You devs just buffed the scavengers a bit too much with this combination of OP things:
    You made this new runner guy, which is VERY OP and needs a nerf. Seriously the dude gives people a huge amout of speed and sometimes I manage to follow him with like full speed of my supercharge open, plus sprinting but when experienced players starting to run in circles with this huge amount is speed it's just impossible.
    PLUS - this new recycling thing.. Seriously like it wasen't hard enough to catch this speedy guy with his friends now I have to kill all of them TWICE?
    I am playing for a time now, before that big change, and I liked it like befor. I mean the chage of channeling speed of picking up crates plus my 10m range of auto pick is super, but seriously, NOT enough buff to keep the balance.
    The scavengers have a huge advantage now and it's very hard.

    I hope someone will read it and do something. I would like to have some place which I could just post some feedback directly to the devs is such a things exits.

  • seir_seir_ Member

    @Karnaf360 said:
    I hope someone will read it and do something. I would like to have some place which I could just post some feedback directly to the devs is such a things exits.

    Here you go: https://forum.deathgardengame.com/discussion/1713/feedback-patch-0-1-3-recycle-mechanic#latest

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