Gaining XP

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Some people asked about the XP in the tally screen at the end of a match.
Here's a list of every action that awards you with XP.


1. Construct defeats:
-Construct kill (mines, turrets)
-Drone destroy

2. Team action:
-Rescue (revive)
-Team Action
-Escape assist
-Golden Crate Loot bonus

3. Resources:
-Escape with Blood

4. Hunter Close:
-Danger close
-Escape chase

5. Garden Finale:
-Blood Mode Escape
-Early blood mode delivery (140 Blood)
-Play time


1. Execution:
-Bleed out
-Arena out

2. Downing:
-Ragdoll travel

3. Drones:
-Drone activation
-Drone reveal

4. Hacking:
-Runner reveal from Hack

5. Garden Finale:
-Down that triggers last man standing (quick execute)
-Play time
-Golden Crate Loot bonus


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