KNOWN ISSUES: Fire in the Sky

MarilouBHVRMarilouBHVR Administrator, Dev admin


  • [Bug][Blowout] Some stairs block the navigation of downed and crouched scavengers


  • [Bug][Collisions] Leg jitters when a scavenger pushes toward a low collision item
  • [In Progress][Polish] Turning animations visually don’t fit the movement. Turning in place will be implemented

Hunter, 1st person (from the hunter’s perspective):

  • [Bug][Collisions] Interpenetration issues with the arms while aiming down and moving around

Hunter, 3rd person (from the scavenger’s perspective and when the hunter is using emotes):

  • [Bug][Collisions] The head of the hunter can be seen going through some of their weapons, needs to be tweaked per gun
  • [In Progress][Polish] The grip of the hunter doesn’t fit the weapon
  • [In Progress][Polish] Some simulation issues on some outfits


  • [Bug][Environment] Environmental dart and bullet impacts (especially on metal tanks) are not playing their correct SFX
  • [Bug][Environment] When a scavenger dies, the SFX will continue playing from the position where the death occurred. Scavengers are supposed to be teleported to the End Room and hear the in-game SFX less clearly.
  • [In Progress][Environment] Noise making environmental objects (fire towers especially) are currently silent
  • [In Progress][Environment] Map background SFX each have a main environmental track and an additional background track. Currently, all maps share the same additional background track
  • [In Progress][Voice Overs] Currently, all scavengers share the same set of voice overs, either male or female. Scavengers are slated to each have their own set of voice overs


  • [Bug][Party System] If the party leader is out of a game and requeues while their party member is still in the match, the party leader will leave alone, and the party will split
  • [Bug][Party System] If the hunter leaves during matchmaking while the party members are still in the Ready Room, the party will split


  • [Bug][Party System] Sometimes, a party member can join a public match while searching with the rest of the party for a Private Match party, and the party will split
  • [Bug][Party System] Sometimes, a party member can join a Private Match alone while searching with the rest of the party for a Private Match party, and the party will split


  • [In Progress][HUD] There is no easy way to view a Character’s level progress. We are currently planning to put it on the Character’s Banner (top right of screen), but this might change
  • [In Progress][HUD] Our intention is that at different objective completion tiers, the players get rewards. For scavengers: rewards at 30%, 60%, 90% completion. For hunter: rewards at 2, 3, 4 executions. This is subject to change.
  • [In Progress][Menus] Perk order does not match between Loadout and Upgrade Vendor screens
  • [In Progress][Menus] Inventory screen does not match in style with Loadout and Upgrade Vendor screens and will be modified


  • [Fixed][Bug][Progression] Game fails to upgrade the abilities and weapons after Level 2.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Golden Crate] Golden Crate sometime spawns inside of other assets and cannot be interacted with.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Blood Mode] 'End Game' timer ends prematurely during Blood Mode.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Gameplay] Hunter can remove bleedout health duration by shooting at a a downed scavenger.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Scavengers] Cannot collect Blood in Blood Mode
  • [Fixed][Bug][Drones] Clones are not revealed by drones
  • [Fixed][Gameplay][Hunter] Hunter is unable to execute scavengers who crawl under certain structures.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Hunter] Auto Collect Perk will only activate once if trying to collect 2 Crates that are in range.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Hunter] When a scavenger is revealed and behind a Blood Bank revealed to the Stalker with Marked Eye, they are not seen.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Hunter] Sometimes, hunter's Supercharge cannot be toggled off.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Scavenger] During Blood Mode, the first Clone does not get revealed.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Scavenger] A Revive interaction can continue while a scavenger is revived with a Healing Bolt.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Settings] Keybinding alterations are not applied after confirming changes.
  • [Fixed][Crash][Hunter] Game gets stuck when a player swaps Roles from scavenger to hunter.
  • [Fixed][Bug] Rarely, entering the Ready Room switched the Character's view to Free Camera mode.
  • [Fixed][Animation][Hunter] Burst Rifle recoil physics appear unnatural when jumping and shooting at the same time.
  • [Fixed][Animation] Level of detail issues with the small plants in the Blood & Dust map.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Collisions] Scavengers floating on the edge of collisions instead of adapting their feet
  • [Fixed][UI][Progression] The player title displayed in the Locker Room is not the same on the Tally Screen and Post-game screen.
  • [Fixed][UI][Progression] The currency names are present prior to the images of currency in the Progression tab of the Result Screen.
  • [Fixed][Bug][UI] Upon launching the game, the player sometimes has no HUD.
  • [Fixed][UI][Progression] Bonus Perks and regular Perks' UI is confusing.
  • [Fixed][Bug][Hunter] The LMG handle is missing.
  • [Fixed][UI][Golden Crate] Golden Crate indicator has the wrong icon.
  • [Fixed][Bug][UI] A hunter weekly challenge has no reward and displays an empty black square.
  • [Fixed][Bug] Switch's Lighten your Load bonus has the wrong numbers in the description.
  • [Fixed][UI][Crates] The interaction bar will reappear briefly after completing an interaction with a Crate.
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