So i think you could change her power or give her a different secondary power than camo I would give her Inked Arrow that if you would shoot at the hunter it would blind him for about 3 seconds or 5 of course he would not get stunned he would just have a black vision for a few secs but you have to hit him in the head or he wont get blinded it is really hard to blind him like this but it is only my opinion. I would do this but if you might put it into concideration i dont care if you would change the stats or duration of the blindness i would just like to see that in the game :3


  • pistkittypistkitty Member ✭✭

    No, no, no, NO, nein, nyet. ZERO offensive abilities for the runners, this is what ruined the game the first time.

    Runners: scamper around hunter, running literal circles around them, while chain stunning, chain blinding, chain slowing, chain concussion, chain HUD ruin, forcing reloads, locking hunter down so they accomplish nothing....all, game, long. (while constantly teabagging of course)

    Hunter: Fires off some random shots in the general direction of where a runner might be in between stuns, while blinded, and by pure chance hits one.

    Runners: Wahhh, cry, nerf hunter, hunter OP, we should be able to kill hunter!

    BE: Nerfs hunter (again)

    Hunters: quit game

    Runners: waaah, cry, no one to play with, nerf hunter


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