If you need help choosing a Scavenger:

  1. Fog B) is your go-to delivery boy, running faster after gathering blood and blocking the enemies line of sight with his smokescreen and hiding player within it. he's also great at destroying enemy constructs like turrets and landmines.

  2. Switch :# helps to find the crates and body piles for blood keeping your team on track without wasting time looking for anything you might need refilling.

  3. Ghost :p helps to locate golden crates and objectives while helping his teammates, as well as himself, disappear while they're on the run. he is easily our favorite pick for solo play.

  4. Inked ;) the tankiest person in the game. she can take punishing blows and keep on going. excellent for distracting the killer, taking damage from landmines, for a teammate or just plain old' not dying if played correctly.

  5. Sawbones :3 is the support of the scavengers. healing and reviving her team. while delivering blood she and her team take less damage. she's faster than most scavengers and her revive speed is too. if you're in a team, make sure sawbones is a part of it.

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