Can you PLEASE make it so HUNTER can normal jump up a 2 layer wall?

AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member

The fact that you fall in a ditch and have to go ALL THE WAY AROUND just to go back up because you don't have anymore super stamina is just fucking irritating. I'll be in a chase and they'll keep jumping up the wall because of a healer and I run out of stamina and lose them because I can't get back up and by the time I go ALL THE WAY AROUND, they are miles away! It's super frustrating! Give us a 2 second outline for downed survivors who ragdoll farther than 8 meters and make outlined survivors last 2 seconds out of the beam itself to give us a chance to see who the hell got red in the first place. Just small changes. I don't mind climbing SLOWER as long as I don't gotta super sprint everytime I want to climb a wall. Thank you.


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