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    The major issues I have been finding is that games will star with only 2-3 scavengers. I feel like the game should have to start with at least 4 players (preferably all 5) as both a scavenger and a hunter its annoying to have a game that doesn't have enough players. I have also had the issue of having my friend group being split up when finding a match

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    What if a threshold performance was added to the game? You could lock a common cosmetic around a threshold performance that people would have to achieve over a set period of games to be able to use, sort of a "gladiator" piece. If the threshold isn't continually reached then the piece is lost until it is reached again. This would solve the complaints of: lack of cosmetics, people having no reason to learn to play properly, a tangible reward for performance, and a few others I'm sure could be shoehorned in as well. Best of all is that it doesn't require a ton of data that isn't already being gathered with this scoreboard feature coming out.

  • JaysonHellJaysonHell Member

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but when I am playing with friends sometimes our lobby gets split up or something and I'm with complete random teammates without my friend. This happened twice in 5 games.

  • JayfeatherJayfeather Member

    There is a grammar error in the german Version of the game for fogs Prestige 1 Mask

  • Dereck_BaumDereck_Baum Member

    I think there should be a limit to how many drones the hunter can have active at once, being able to have every single drone on the map active is a little ridiculous... There's no strategy or thought when it comes to drones, a hunter will walk around, see a drone, and activate it, and just keep doing that until suddenly the entire map is red making it impossible to really go anywhere... The fact that you can destroy them doesn't really mean anything either because they revive themselves in 5 seconds, so the play area is effectively reduced to less than half what the actual map size is, making it easier for the hunter to find you because they only have to patrol a fraction of the map now. It also makes it near impossible to get away from the hunter when you're being chased because all your juking options are covered by the red field. If they could only have a limited number of drones the hunter would actually have to think about which drones would be best to activate and the scavengers would still be able to play the game.

  • EagleEagle Member

    Can we rework the leaderboard system? Right now it reflects skill by taking only the one best game somone had which leads to people farming rather then playing. Wouldn't a totalscore of the whole week make more sense. Those who dedicate more time and those who consistent make more points would rise over people considered the best by the current system, who only got one farmyourfriends game. The system as it stands now is wonky (I do love the idea of leaderboards tho)

  • jtbilljtbill Member

    My suggestion would be for the Active Camo bolt, i think Level 2 challenge. It states to successfully escape from a chase 2 times. I agree that this is a good challenge and will eventually get done, but i suggest that you better define what is considered a chase, cause i know it isn't when the music does its you've been seen alert. So either better define a chase, or let players know what the definition is of a chase. I got the challenge done eventually without knowing what it is.

  • NightsongNightsong Member

    change what scavengers have to do to get a high rank in the proving ground, the score lead to toxic behaviour and some people "teaming" with the hunter to get more points such as :

    • scavengers/ hunters leaving game in the lobby when is friend isn't in is lobby
    • farming other scavengers with is hunter friend.
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    I have an observation of the gameplay experience from what I've most commonly found, playing as a Hunter and a Scavenger, along with some suggestions on adjustments. My suggestions and adjustments are building off your original design. I apologize for the length of this, but I want to give you guys any sort of potentially helpful advice I can give. Thank you for taking the time to read.

    What I've noticed from the game so far is that the Hunters have near total advantage over Scavengers. Because of that, Scavengers are not fully participating in the game. There is some room for tweaking for an overall better quality of life for both sides. 

    As a Hunter, I felt like I was handed everything I wanted, and all I had to do was just kind of wait. Getting the right drones pretty much stopped Scavenger progression, and when one of the 3 exit requirements was met, I'd just wait for the exit wave to reveal who I hadn't already killed, then I go and kill them. It was extremely simple, and it was very fast, especially from being able to instantly execute them (if I didn't feel like farming.) Basically, what I'm trying to say is that with the drones, the leap, and the stun, I'm able to essentially hold the map hostage and kill whoever whenever. I appreciate a challenge with my enemies and I would like to really engage myself more as a Hunter.

    As a Scavenger, it was a very frustrating experience. I love the challenge of going against someone who is hard and scary. But, it felt like I could not actually play the game properly, in terms of what I was supposed to do, not in mechanics. The main focus for the Scavengers is to collect and deposit blood. However, it's nearly impossible to complete that task. Not a lot of people participate in depositing and from the pressure of the Hunter, along with drone coverage, I've noticed that players are more likely to sit in bushes and wait out the timer instead of working on the main objective. I am incredibly thankful for the experience and resources from team actions. It's a great incentive to get people to help each other and it works. Another thing I've faced is the instant execution. It's probably the most frustrating thing about the game as a Scavenger because once you are down, you are out of the game. Then, you have to wait at least another 5 minutes before you can drop down on the soil of the next Deathgarden. Fog and Sawbones are great for reviving and feel like they are essential characters on the team. However, because of the instant executions, it can really make it feel like you're useless, unless you are healing your teammate while they're in chase. I'll talk more about the executions later, but I wanted to add how I felt about them here. All in all, the Scavenger experience should definitely see some quality improvements to promote participation and life expectancy.

    Here are my suggestions about mechanics:

    Instant Executions:

    Like I said, instant, unstoppable, executions are probably the most frustrating thing about the game and should be focused on primarily. I suggest adding a specific amount of downs before being able to execute, like in Dead by Daylight, or require a power core cost to add to strategy on both sides. You could also have a specific amount of downs before an unstoppable execution. For survivors, they may be able to keep collecting power core crates, but they would have to spend their power cores and find uncollected crates to continue collection. When they spend their power cores, that gives potential to be revealed, and they may need to use their power cores for chase or taking down drones quickly. For Hunters, it will bring up strategy. Do you spend your power cores on drones, or get rid of that Sawbones that keeps rezzing the people that ragdoll too far? Also, executions should not be unstoppable. Fog and Sawbones can revive, but being unable to revive your teammate adds another frustration.

    Another idea I had was to give Scavengers one or two concussion bolts per match that can stun/daze the Hunter and interrupt an execution. The concussion bolts cannot be refilled. That can allow for more strategy from the Scavengers, and if they aren't near a teammate or they miss their shot while the Hunter is trying to execute, too bad. It's just a suggestion, but tweaking executions will most likely grant more interactivity and awesome plays from Scavengers and Hunters alike.


    There should be adjustments made to drones, instant executions, and the endgame experience. Drones are currently able to be bought and live permanently. They also provide almost total map coverage, If drones had a higher power core cost, the infinite life would make more sense. Otherwise, just make them cheap, but easy to totally kill. Something that could be helpful is making them a part of the toolkit like the power suit and the stun. You could give them a few charges with a minor cooldown, or keep their power core cost, and they are totally killed when shot. Perhaps you could make them so that they cannot be shot down until they are up and have fully deployed their sensor. That could give more strategy for the killer and some breathing room for Scavengers to deposit their blood. It will definitely speed up games and allow for more diverse game time and quicker character progression.

    Blood Collection and Depositing:

    (Keep in mind that if adjustments are made for the drones and instant executions, this can most likely be nullified.) The total blood required to escape could be lowered just a little bit. What I've found is that Scavengers can get to around 25-30 blood quite easily in the beginning. In the midgame, it slows down to a crawl due to a massive amount of drones and teammates dying. When people die, the players are more likely to retreat and wait for the timer. There is little to no blood depositing in the endgame. Lowering the overall amount required could help shorten games and improve the rate of character progression.

    Those are my major thoughts on adjustments. Here are some minor things that I would like to suggest. They are not needed, but would be nice to have.


    I could be unaware of this, but yes; Like Dead By Daylight, the Hunter should be able to see a notification of some kind from certain actions. The Inquisitor and Poacher should be able to see when their gadget activates. Hunters should have an improved notification when a drone is shot down. 


    Now, I could've missed some reading somewhere in the game on this but, I'm going to write about it anyway just in case. Resources should have labels in the loadout and upgrade menus that show their flavor name and text, and also describe how you collect that specific resource.

    Health and Stamina:

    Both the Health and Stamina bars should show numbers so you can understand how much damage was dealt, and gauge what you can do based on how much an action costs.

    Inquisitor Turret:

    The Inquisitor turret should have either slightly lower health or a decreased rate of fire in terms of how it's combat should flow. In terms of it's ability to see, the turret should not be able to see through invisibility or bushes. A laser could help show the Scavengers where it's looking, and it can show the Inquisitor where exactly it's firing. 

    Poacher Mines:

    Poacher mines should have a larger beam of light so you can properly find where its laying, should you try to shoot it as a Scavenger.

    Quick Access Menu:

    Similar to Splatoon, having both the physical locations (upgrade vendor, character select, etc.) and a quick access menu would be neat. The menu could help to speed up things like queuing for a game, or just leveling your character without having to walk around, for the sake of ease.

    Those are all the suggestions that came to mind. Deathgarden is a great game so far and I only want it to thrive. Thank you for posting a Suggestion and Feedback discussion and taking the time to read through this.

  • ConvoBreakerConvoBreaker Member

    A suggestion for changing the instant-execution system with appropriate buffs to Hunter in return and a change to the Blood Mode and Domination systems.

    Article Here: RedditLink

    I would copy paste what I wrote here but Character Limits are butts

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    Whoops, ended up commenting twice, is there any way to delete a comment?

  • Corru027Corru027 Member

    Imo using the Clone Power on a teammate should spawn a clone of that teammate instead of a clone of yourself. This change would make teamplay with the Clone Power more meaningful, since there isn't really much of a benefit from spawning clones of yourself next to a teammate if the hunter is really focused on getting him and thus having the clone be of the teammate could lead to very interesting plays.

    With that being said, I'd also like the outline caused by the Perks Treasure Hunter and Sudden Insight to be slightly different from the outline of normal marking, because as it is now, during the duration of those perks it's hard to know which Crates can still be shot to mark them and which have already been marked.

  • EagleEagle Member

    Could the hunters get a visual bar on their hud to represent the thirds the scavengers already delivered? Through al these down, revive, golden crate, etc. messages the pop-up about delivered blood is more then often not displayed because of overlapping messages

  • CrythorCrythor Member

    @ConvoBreaker said:
    A suggestion for changing the instant-execution system with appropriate buffs to Hunter in return and a change to the Blood Mode and Domination systems.

    Article Here: RedditLink

    I would copy paste what I wrote here but Character Limits are butts

    Normally i would be for keeping the insta executes for tention but with just 1 down before you can execute and all your other conditions + changes to bloodmode etc. i could actually live with it and would be fine with changes like your reddit post suggests.

  • wolfhunterwolfhunter Member

    A note patch in the game could be something interesting. I like to know what is change in the game. It could be frustrating to unknown what is change in the game. The mailbox in the game could be used to communicate the patch note (sorry if it's badly written, my english is bad)

  • ChaosbobChaosbob Member

    Would be nice if the outline created by "Sudden Insight" and treasure hunter was different from the normal one (was green or something), things marked by both would then have the normal white colour. As it is now you don't know if you have marked an objekt or not. So either you'll lose points for not shooting at stuff, or waste ammo on stuff you've already marked. (Same goes for the other Switch perk "Treasure hunter")

  • SuppsireSuppsire Member

    after playing some games as scavengers and being really frustrated, i came up with some ideas.

    1. You should have to down atleast 3 scavengers, before you can execute them (insta executing is still a thing).
    2. Smoke Screen should remove all negative effects (otherwise the abiilty makes you imobile while being detected, especially with the new hack system).
    3. The Shokwave should either deal no damage at all or should not stun.
    4. Hacked crates should become normal crates after an estimated time like 3 minutes for example.
    5. Reviving should cancel executing if point 1 goes against the fast paced game style (not through heal arrows).
  • ProxyProxy Member
    1. Poacher got a counter to tell him how many mines are currently active

    2. Whenever a mine is triggered (not shot with an arrow), there is an aura of the destroyed mine for 6 seconds to tell him which mine was triggered.

    (Does NOT reveal the scavenger that tripped it, just indicates to the Poacher which mine blew up.)

  • CyanisticCyanistic Member
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    Let's try to fix Shock and the issues surrounding shock.

    Lots of people right now do not like shock. But I feel there's a way to tweak it so that people feel it's still useful, still strong, and still keeps Stalker's Shock Damage Perk. (Isn't that a big loaded promise?)

    Give the shock ability a damage ramp-up.

    This means that if I were to hold the button down, it would increase my damage over time and then peak, in which case, I could shock at the normal damage it is now. If I were to just press the button with no time spent holding the button, it would do minimal damage.

    It also eliminates people shock chasing. By no means should you just be able to run at people, shock a few times, and down them. That's not fair. That's not fun. It's not a good game mechanic. If you were to try to do this with this system in place, it'd only help you get shots off that you otherwise wouldn't.

    This would go great with Stalker's perk. Right now, people hate it. People refer to it exclusively because it's such a gross combination / ability. But with this, we could fix it. If instead of increasing the damage, you just make the damage cap higher, you can keep the shock perk in the game without it feeling unfair. Not only that, but it also makes her feel more like, a stalker.

    You're sitting there staring them down, stalking them, waiting for your shock to charge up completely and then attack. It's entirely in line with her character, unlike how it is now. And to clarify, you cannot hold onto it forever. Once it peaks in energy, it releases. You could also base this system on stamina so that people can't supercharge up a shock and run you down just as they do now.

    Make shock a button you hold down.
    Pressing it does small damage. Holding it will do normal damage.
    Using Stalker's perk will make it take longer but do more damage.

  • Chu_EChu_E Member

    I think that when your scavenger/ hunter rank increases, different things in your lobby should unlock, such as a possible cosmetic shop on that left booth? an area in the back (still don't know if this will remain to be a tutorial area or not) but a mall of sorts or a target practice room to liven the lobby up a little bit. As well as make your lobby look nicer the higher your rank is. The whole lore is to prove yourself to gain entry to the enclave, so increasing your rank should be a way to prove yourself and get nicer things (sort of like a caste system but you prove yourself along the way). So once your reach rank level 5 you unlock a target practice area, rank level 10 you unlock cosmetic shop, level 20 is an improved lobby which makes it look better than it was before, level 30 etc. I just think that there isn't much point to rank currently, i know before it was used to give you a currency to unlock cosmetics, but I believe that there is more we can do with this sort of system.

  • NightsongNightsong Member

    reduce the shock damage, it should be used to interrupt scavengers climbing or interacting with a box, not to deal insane damage. Like after this patch went live, i've been killed a lot by hunter like this: shock- a few hits - shock leading to a insta execute how can this be even fun for scavengers?

  • CoconutRTSCoconutRTS Member
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    Suggestion: The ability to complete all character’s perk tasks at the same time without having to equip a task’s specific perk.

    Completing tasks can be considered tedious at times since they require one to equip a specific perk to have access to a said task. In turn, players complete tasks two at a time while using a build they may dislike. Giving a scavenger the ability to complete all 5/6 of their tasks simultaneously without perk restrictions, will reduce the feeling of tediousness and introduce a freedom of choice when it comes to completing tasks in-game. I believe this would make either role a lot more enjoyable to play by removing an element of restrictiveness and tedium when it comes to perk selection.

    That being said I don’t believe tasks that require you to use a specific perk should be removed. I believe the restriction of task access to perk selection should be removed.

  • SaDOlutionSaDOlution Member

    I'm just gonna post this here aswell. so enjoy.

    Hello Everyone,
    here I will list some things that i have encountered that, in my opinion, need improvements.
    I'll jump right in:

    1. Right now, if you are trying to collect a Crate next to Blood (Body Piles), the collect mechanic prioritizes the Blood Piles over Crates next to it. If you ask me, it should work dependant on proximity. Whatever you are closest to, should be collected.
    1. Currently if you are holding your Interactionkey (Default: E) and run up to a Crate, there is a chance it won't start collecting the Crate and will be stuck at 0%. This affects Hunter and Scavenger. Additionally for Hunter, this also occurs when trying to activate Drones.

    2. There is a Bug for Scavengers (might be limited to "Fog" due to Ammo-Perks (Maybe!!)), that tells you, you are at max normal Darts and prevents you from collecting additional Ammo, even if you are low or out of Ammo.

    3. Fog's Ammo Opportunist says "+30% Max Bolts" at all levels.
      This is either a texterror or the Perk is bugged. Currently the maximum Bolts are 20.
      When using the Perk, your maximum Bolts are capped at 25. So either raise max Bolts to 26 or change the text to 25%.

    4. The Hitbox of Drones is not intuitive, as shown here:

    • In the first Example, i didn't even notice that i kept hitting the Drone, even though i should have.
      In the second Example, i actually tried to shoot past the Drone to mark the Cores, but still hit the Drone and gave away my location to the Hunter for no reason.
    1. When it comes to Climbing, there are multiple Issues right now.
      When you grab a wall, you can jump off and grab a Wall once again, trying to repeat it, won't allow you to grab the Wall another time, wich is fine. But i had circumstances where the Scav just stopped climbing up:

    • I personally think, that Wall Cling Time being low and Wallgrabs limited to 2, is totally fine, but being stopped to actively climb up a Wall shouldn't be a thing.
    1. Another "Climbingissue" is, when you accidentally grab a Wall (i.e. small Ledges you wouldn't think you could grab or are very hard to grab due to space/height or ledges you grab due to unprecise movement) it appears you will just not move, until you realized you are grabbing a Wall and either: 1. the Wall Cling Time runs out or 2. you Jump.
      The problem I see with this is that, being immobile for even less than a Second, will end up killing you and would, at least in my opinion, need a change. Simply adding "WASD" to climb up (depending where your Camera is facing) might be a fix, but could make intentional Wallgrabs harder, since you kind of have to hold "Forward" to get to the Wall, wich might end up making you unintentionally climb if implemented badly.

    2. The next thing is Ledgegrabs as Hunter. Sometimes, when you jump up a Cliff and you grab the ledge, it somewhat "Teleports" you back where you started the Ledgegrab, disorienting you and giving the Scavenger more time to get somewhere.

    3. Something regarding Movementspeed here. If you ask me, Scavengers are slow as fuck right now, wich in general isn't tooo bad, but there are a few things, when added ontop of it, i would prefer wouldn't be a thing.

    • you slow down like crazy when you shoot. Considering your low speed already, getting punished for shooting seems a bit odd to me. I am fully aware you can Evade to gain speed again, but making it a must to do so, is just something i don't agree with.
    • Currently, you can touch basicly anything just barely and you lose your entire momentum, even just trying to run past corners, sometimes even getting you stuck. This obviously, is just a deathsentence if being chased. I don't know if Hitboxes of current Tiles and Structures are intended to work like this, but especially this is something that is just not fun, because it feels like you are getting downed, because the Hitboxes are (or at least feel) incorrect.
    1. Currently, while evading, if you choose to shoot mid animation and then follow up with another evade before the animation finishes, the Scav prioritizes your Evade. I personally would appreciate if multiple inputs would be able to be queued.

    2. Last thing:
      When talking to Bulent Altun, Matchmaker (this guy: and entering the following Screen
      Your cursor currently starts off at a seemingly random location. I personally would prefer if it would alsways start out at the centre or maybe even better, right above "Search Match"

    So much for things that i have noticed.
    Thank you for taking the Time to read this.
    Let me know your thoughts.


  • Ren_KnockRen_Knock Member

    I have a suggestion for Hunter challenges that would both be beneficial to the way newer hunters play the game for prestiging, something you could re-use for a bunch of challenges to make it so these hunters have even more incentive to play this way.

    Yes it could or would be a really easy challenge to do for most veteran/good hunters, but with newer ones they are less likely to give the scavenger's a fair chance or even know that downing more scavenger's without executing to begin with is a good thing.

    The challenge idea being that the challenge will let you progress to the next level based on how many games you complete without executing a survivor until the 5x EXP meter is reached. Once it's reached without having executed a single scavenger, that will count towards your mission and you can proceed to execute them past that point.

    I feel like this for most newer hunters might end up being a challenging quest just because most newer hunters execute early because they're afraid of losing the game..but if they find that prestiging or even doing weekly challenges will incentivize them to play more fairly, then I think this objective should definitely be apart of the hunter progression.

  • ChaosbobChaosbob Member

    Would like to suggest giving xp for having the hunter go after your clones and shooting them. if you spend time distracting the hunter (and succeeding) so your team can deliver points you should be rewarded for it.

  • DefecationDefecation Member

    Activated Drones:
    I suggest a progressive down time for each time it is disabled. ie: +2 seconds to the re-spawn timer for each time it is disabled. Hunters have the ability to completely cover the map, this usually happens within the last 2 or 3 minutes of the game, causing scavengers to hide in bushes until the time runs out, earning less potential points for the game. If drones stay down for longer periods of time, players could be more involved in completing tasks as game time dwindles down.

    Hunter suggestions:
    Hunter shock should either be changed to have no stun, with the same damage being done, or no damage at all with the same amount of stun it currently delivers. Shock is already a chance for hunter's to deliver free damage, there is no need to be able to stack shots ontop of the shock damage. There have been many complaints about being shocked, shot, and shocked again which finally kills the scav.

    I suggest the Hunter needing to down each individual person at least 2 times before being able to execute (he/she can execute on the 2nd down.) Being, unfortunately, the first person in the Hunter's scope within the first minute of game play, and being executed immediately, takes away from the game experience for most scavengers. If the hunter had to get each person down 2 times before executing them, I feel that scavengers would be more engaged, and you might have less scav's jumping off the ledge upon being spotted by the hunter.

    Turrets have recently had an issue with line of sight (LoS.) ie: I am hiding behind a wall or under a ledge and the Hunter's turret is locked onto me and firing away, having never been in direct LoS of the turret and in most cases I cannot even see the turret. This tips the hunter off to my general location. Which in turn puts my survival in jeopardy, though the situation should never have arisen. Turrets should not lock on through solid objects.

    Revealed timer from hacked crates:
    With the exception of Ghost(?) having the perk to limit the revealed time. I feel like the revealed time is too great after collecting a hacked crate. I honestly tried to search for the amount of time this is supposed to last, on Google, and the 4th link in my search was a cancer studies website. This is kind of funny and ironic, as some people would say that it is "cancer" to be exposed for such a long period of time. Maybe limiting this revealed effect to a reasonable time, ie: however long it takes the hunter to reasonably cover from one side of the map to the other, plus a few seconds, rather than being revealed for ~30 seconds? Not sure how long it is, but it DOES feel like forever.

    I seem to be placed with other scavengers that literally have NO idea what they are doing, or just aren't up to par with how this game is played at mid-higher rankings. Not sure how current matchmaking is taking place, but maybe a rank structure along the lines of what Dead by Daylight has would be a good implement in this issue. Ranks A-E could be paired together, and F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z, Z-Duo, and so on. Not so much based on skill, but on the assumption that your play time will be a general idea of how you are able to play.

    With matchmaking I have experienced is some times Scavenger's leave the game after the countdown has begun, but before the gates are opened. The game timer should pause and allow the game to match another player into the game, before continuing on. The current issue is putting the Scavenger's at a player short disadvantage as they go on into the match.

    Players leaving early during the match should yield some sort of benefit to players that are still in the game, something along the lines of a flat amount of blood being deposited in lieu of that player's absence, or time being knocked off the clock could be a good solution to this problem.

    Overall, the game isn't too far out of balance. Some of the suggestions I have made are based on my experiences as a Scavenger main. I am not calling for any buffs on the Scavenger side, but some slight nerfs / fixes to Hunter's which really aren't too drastic. Would love some feedback from other player's on both ends.

  • Ren_KnockRen_Knock Member

    I literally feel like I wasted my time prestiging her, before I remember that she had some golden armbands or some crap, right now all I get is like chilli powder thrown onto me..all I wanted was for the armbands to stay, the chest piece to be touched up a bit, and the ghillie maybe turned into an autumn color to match the gold.

    now I'm pretty sure all I get for her 2nd and 4th prestiges is chilli powder that is barely even notice-able on her body, please fix this and don't leave it like this for months on literally makes me not even wanna waste time on it anymore.

  • gantgant Member
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    Loving the game and very tempted to prestige my main scavenger FOG but so far the is very little benefit i can see, perticuly P1 as i get a bloody mask that i don't really want to wear cos i've got the DBD TOTH mask that i want to stick with.
    As a suggestion - why not give players a resource boost reward eg 5% resource boost for each lvl of prestige that's only active when using the prestiged character, of course a total of a 20% resource boost may seem excessive for a P4 character but when you consider the amount of resources that must be spent to get to P4 it's not really that much and would make the goal a lot more worthwhile and would reduce the pressure from having to restart your character 4 times just for a cosmetic when you may well prefer to be showing off your nice new cosmetic that you have earned (or bought from a future deathgarden store).
    Keep up the great work and thanks


    I feel like xp isn't enough to entice getting blood. Maybe give more of a reward for getting all blood? The outcome is the same... OR can you add different game modes!? I think focusing on the stealth aspect is the best part! Thanks.

  • MinusJustinMinusJustin Member

    After almost 50 hours into this game, and almost 2 prestiges later, I feel that there are some very large issues with the objectives for both sides of the metaphorical coin. There are a few other issues I will touch upon in this post as well, having played both sides an almost equal amount of time, I believe I can objectively approach these issues with little bias towards one particular role.

    Blood Collection and Deposit

    At the moment, the collection of blood seems to be fine, I think it could do with a slight increase in XP, only due to the fact that XP rates are laughable as a scavenger, especially as a solo-queuing scavenger. However, the main issue I have with right now is that:

    Towards the end of the game, whether it be 2 scavengers, or even 4 scavengers remaining in some cases, people opt to hide, rather than to do their objective.
    This is a huge issue, and can easily be fixed by adding an incentive. Currently, the exits open after 20 seconds, once Blood Mode is active. The scavengers need not do anything to achieve an escape, merely hide for 8 minutes and escape, which of course doesn't reward much XP, to both parties. Rather than making blood entirely useless for most of the game, the amount of blood gathered by a team will instead decrease a timer by a standard value. It takes 125 blood to open the gates, and it takes about a second to deposit blood. Making the exit timer 2 minutes and 25 seconds allows for 1 blood to correlate to 1 second, getting 125 blood means the timer will be 20 seconds, and gather almost no blood means the exit will be open for much, much longer. With the current state of Blood Mode, this would most certainly not work, so this brings me on to my next point:

    Depending on the amount of blood collected, the reveal ring will move faster or slower.
    If scavengers manage to dominate the hunter, the reveal ring will move at the same speed it does now, however, and less than a domination will make the reveal circle larger, but much slower. During Blood Mode, provided the scavengers haven't already dominated the hunter, you can deposit blood to decrease the time remaining for the exits to open. Scavengers will receive bonus XP for delivering during Blood Mode, and will also reward them for actively participating, rather than waiting for Blood Mode to finish. Also, the hunter will now be able to see the reveal circles. This is to help them triangulate where a scavenger might be, using the area of the circles. This introduces a new skill, and doesn't rely on luck to find the last pair hiding in a bush somewhere. Depositing blood in blood mode isn't worth revealing your position just to open the exits faster, is it? That leads me to my next point:

    Blood Deposits reveal the scavenger's position for little to no reward. Rather than 1 blood notifying the hunter, every 3rd blood deposited would instead give a loud notification, alongside the visual notification.
    The end-game right now is terribly boring. It almost certainly ends with both of the last scavengers running the clock down, because it's simply not worth revealing your location to deposit blood. Making every 3rd blood deposited at the tower ping the hunter, rather than 1 blood deposited will encourage scavengers to risk depositing blood. This would make the hunter have to be constantly aware of the pillars.
    "But Justin, what about pre-made teams? They'll just be able to blood-rush the hunter!"
    If a pre-made team is delivering blood together, the rate of notifications will be almost the same as it when one scavenger deposits now, being slightly faster if all 5 are delivering at one time. The more notifications coming from a pillar, the more the hunter needs to prioritise that pillar, exactly as it is now. This will prove useful for the last two, and will hopefully bring the end-game stall to an end.

    The Hunter's Objective

    As of right now, there is no doubt that playing well as a hunter is reliant heavily on Aim, and with Stalker's Shock perks (cooldown reduction + shock damage), the game becomes less of a shooter and more of a race to see who can outrun who first. (Spoiler, the Stalker almost always reaches them before the scavenger loses her!) These perks essentially take the ONLY skill hunter's need to be successful in the Deathgarden, and completely discards it. I would even argue that every hunter is too over-reliant on shock, as it stuns and does a considerable amount of damage. However, that's not the point. The point here is that currently, the hunter only really needs Aim with a splash of game-sense to be able to dominate scavengers. This isn't good.

    When I say this, I think I'm speaking for most experienced hunters, when I say that:

    Hunter is far too easy.

    It's getting boring repeatedly stomping scavengers, sometimes the same scavengers, and the scavengers have no choice other than to be stomped or hide. After the release of the Proving Grounds leaderboard, I noticed that the longer I spent downing scavengers, the more likely they were to hide during the last 4 minutes of the game. Not only is this boring as a hunter, it also ruins any chance to be able to get anywhere near the top 5 on the leaderboards, not that it matters, of course. Honestly, I can't think of any way to make Hunter harder, but if there is a way, even if it artificially increases the difficulty, I'll take it. Increase the time-to-kill, add ridiculous recoil, introduce a tracking mechanic, like very faint footsteps or something. Anything. Right now, a hunter's main objective doesn't feel like an objective but feels like you're just practising your aiming skills. I'm not even going to touch upon insta-executions, since it's been discussed time and time again. I just feel like something needs to change for the hunter role, since it's incredibly easy at the moment.

    TL;DR: Exit timer increased to 2 minutes 25 seconds, every blood deposited reduces by 1 second. Blood can be deposited in Blood Mode to decrease time remaining. Delivery notifications only happen on the 3rd blood deposited at the tower, as opposed to every blood. If blood collected is high, reveal circle is smaller, but moves faster, and vice versa if blood collected is low. Also, make hunter harder.

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