Hello, Fog the 5th Legion here

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Like a lot of DG players, I come from Dead By Daylight. I'm a definite Killer main (Legion, to be specific), and I joined Deathgarden after seeing my favorite DBD streamer Ardetha heap a surprising amount of praise onto the game. I hooked myself up with a copy, expecting to play Hunter day-in day-out like I do with DBD, but was surprised to have a much more fun and challenging experience playing Scavenger (or is it Runner? I've heard both). So far, I have a few balance gripes for both sides, but I'm nevertheless greatly enjoying this game. It is incredibly fun and fast-paced and, despite not marketing itself as a horror game, is much more intense and stressful than Dead By Daylight has ever been to me.

I'm a Fog main, if you couldn't tell, and for a multitude of reasons—the main one being that his Focus bolts, perks, and bonuses are all extremely fun and useful, and it certainly helps that he's not only the Runner with the exclusive DBD mask, but also just so happens to look like a 5th member of the Legion, hence my name. I aim for a jack-off-all-trades playstyle—I want to strike a good balance between helping my fellow Runners, harvesting blood, and buying time for the team by leading the Hunter on long or unsuccessful chases. However, I try to put emphasis on assisting teammates when they're in a tough spot, usually by reviving them with a healing bolt before the Hunter can execute them.

I'm glad I could come up onto these forums, and to quote the Dead By Daylight team, I hope to see you all in the fog (pun not intended)!


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