This game has so much potential

I feel this game could be so popular and successful and if you play your cards right you might be able to make something great.

So whats the issue with Deathgarden and why it has so few players well in my opinion it comes down to advertising and the fact that you have done next to none of it. i'll go into more detail below about the issues with advertising and how to fix it.

1, lack of commercials and public display: I feel one of the biggest reasons this game has so few players is the fact that barely anyone knows about it so what would i recommend well first put together some commercials they don't have to be high budget CGI trailers instead make it almost all gameplay with cuts in between displaying text or something else to explain small amounts of gameplay and story to lure in potential buyers also put up some posters if and or when you release physical copy's this would attract attention in retailers and cause people to buy this hypothetical physical copy.

2, lack of influencer attention: You had this early on in the games life and why you didn't keep the ball rolling is beyond me but either way popular content creators giving attention to the game could really spark interest for it so give a popular creator and his other creator friends some free copy's and let them play this would entice people to get a copy because a figure they like enjoyed it also while your at it let these influencer's hold giveaway's for copy's of the game again this gives you a wider player base.

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