Will Deathgarden in PS4?

I really really want to play the game but I don't have a PC. I think other people want to play in PS4.


  • Wrong category, and this question has been asked and answered about fifty three million times, but short version: they claim the game will come to consoles at some point, no date or estimate has ever been given (that I know of).

    Although Behaviour keeps claiming they'll crank out updates and they are gonna do this and that and the other thing, I wouldn't expect any of it to come to fruition, as the game immediately died upon launch and currently has a handful of players at any given time. (And that estimate is generous as I've seen the number be "0" quite often.) So you might be waiting awhile.

  • MichaelMichael Member ✭✭✭

    We are planning on releasing the game on consoles in 2019. However, as Pistkitty mentions, we have no exact date.

    We're not planning on releasing major updates until early next year. The reason for this is that we're working on major changes, and we want these changes (the next major patch) to be solid. This requires that we devote all our time and effort towards this goal.

    We'll have more info with you as we move forward.

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