November Patch Notes

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  • As mentioned last week, Deathgarden is in a transition phase. We’re working towards making the game a more rewarding and meaningful experience. This patch is the first step in that direction
  • The changes we’re implementing today should empower the Hunter and provide Runners with a tenser, more heart-pounding experience.
    • We want to make sure that the Hunter is feared and that their capabilities cannot be disrupted.


  • Design intent: to begin rewarding individual performances and to diminish Runners’ dependency on teamplay Once the Hunter has Killed 3 Runners, or the Runners have completed 2 of the 3 Objectives, the Exits open. However, this does not end the round
  • The team that opened the Exits has ‘won’ the Round and receives an XP bonus for their actions (‘Exit Opener Bonus’ for Runners, ‘Merciless Bonus’ for the Hunter) (viewed on the end of match Progression Tab)
  • Escaping as a Runner, when the Exits are open, provides an XP bonus (‘Escape Bonus’ viewed on the end-of-match Progression Tab
  • Additionally, Killing Runners as the Hunter provides XP (‘Runners Executed Bonus’ viewed on the end-of-match Progression Tab)

RUNNER HEALTH BARS (from the Hunter’s perspective)

  • Design intent: to provide the Hunter with visual feedback on confirmed/registered shots
  • When damaging a Runner, the Hunter sees that Runner’s health meter for a short duration


  • Design Intent: this a first step towards making the Hunter more powerful and more brutal
  • Increased default Vambrace Power immunity time (5)s->(10)s
  • If Hunter gets hit with a Vambrace Power within the 10s after the ‘immunity time,’ increase immunity from (2)s->(5)s
  • Increased base Stamina (10)->(11.5)
  • New Perk: “Lucky Charm” – 25% chance of gaining an additional Upgrade Part from Upgrade Part Crates

  • New Weapon: TriSynkt .45c Burst Rifle – a highly accurate medium range 3-shot burst rifle


  • Design intent: we want Runners to fear the Hunter and to think twice before taking the Hunter head-on
  • Full stamina meter: (5) Evades -> (4) Evades
  • Full NPI meter: (5) shots -> (3) shots
  • Available Tier 3 Vambrace Powers (3)->(1)
  • All 3 are available until 1 of the 3 is purchased
  • New Perk: “NPI Hoarder” – Increases maximum NPI by 20%


  • Design intent: Because we reduced the Runners' ability to rapidly travel across the map, we decided to adjust the key delivery time to ensure that Runners may retain the possibilty of delivering keys
  • Key delivery time (4.5)->(3.5)s


  • Design intent: to improve the (technical) quality of matches so that players across the world may enjoy better communication with the game’s serversWe’re introducing a new server (EU, NA, & Asia) selection mechanic. When joining a match, each player passively and automatically votes for the server closest to them. The server will then be randomly selected according to the players’ passive votes.
    • E.g. 3 players are in NA and 3 players are in ASIA, there is a 50% (3/6) chance that the match connects to the NA server and a 50% (3/6) chance that the match connects to the ASIAN server
  • BattlEye now automatically launches upon launching Deathgarden
  • Various bug fixes
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