Desync Issues

MichaelMichael Administrator, Dev admin

Hey everyone!

We’re currently investigating the desync issues that several of you have brought to our attention. We’d like to encourage you to submit a support ticket whenever you do experience desync issues: Doing so will help us better investigate the problem! We’d also encourage you to take note of the following issues, ones that have been linked to desync but are not in fact wholly related to desync:

•Bolt Action Sniper bullets hit but don’t kill Runners in one shot
-All snipers’ damage is halved when hitting targets within a 15-meter range
-The perk, ‘Objective Master,’ gives Runners a shield, meaning they can to survive (when at full health) the Bolt Action Sniper’s shot
•Shots don’t find their targets
-Moving while shooting greatly reduces the Hunter’s accuracy
-Different weapons have different range (e.g., the Flynn SN14 will never hit targets beyond 19m)
•Evading causes "desync" issues
-We are aware of certain animation bugs (notably the Runner’s evade animation), but these are not to be confused with desync
•Server Latency
-We are currently working towards implementing a “Server Preference” feature, which will help reduce latency issues

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