Hunter Jumping sucks.

BluewolfBluewolf Member

I know that Hunter aren't supposed to be agile like runners, but it is really annoying when you have to find another way up a hill forever to get a runner who then hides and you can't find them.
Its also stupid how I can't even get on a structure sometimes.


  • voldovoldo Member

    Yes I know the feeling. Nothing worse when a runner climbs up something you cant reach and just jumps around up there while you waste your bullets. Your best bet would be to just leave those trying to waste your time and go after the others. What I would do is pretend I was leaving by just running off in some direction (I use invisible a lot) and turn invisible. Get a good angle and use the sniper rifle to shoot them down. Its easier said than done but I've done it. Just remember you only get one shot if they don't see the laser pointing at them. (Retarded.....sniper rifle with a laser on it LOL) As for the one that try to lead you to cliffs you can't climb up.....You really should be scanning ahead and thinking "Which way can i go to get up that cliff?" Normally I would hit invisible on by this point. if they can see you, they'll take you on a goose chase. Turning invisible allows me to break away from the chase without being detected or continue to chase but without them knowing where I'm at. They tend to try to hide when they don't see you.

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