Whats up with this.....

voldovoldo Member

Cant believe the runner didnt go down


  • pistkittypistkitty Member ✭✭

    a) that weapon (the semi-auto sniper rifle) has been nerfed into the ground, particularly at close range and
    b) runner overpowered heals were being spammed by their buddies to override any damage you were doing. I run into this all the time; five or six shotgun hits to take one of these assholes down, and still they cry and whine for (more) hunter nerfs. Ridiculous.

  • voldovoldo Member

    No kidding.....now i hear they got it to where the hunter cant cloak near bloodpost. Its just amazing how much these kids need an edge just to stop one person. I can see how much the devs care about this. I'm about to hang it up with this game soon. A hunter cant even sneak up on them without that STUPID MUSIC PLAYING. I just shot a runner point blank range with the auto shotgun and after the first two he was able to roll away from the others....because we all know you can dodge a shotgun blast at that range if you just do a roll in real life. I can hear it now This isn't real life....its a game Which is true.....because in real life, there is no Dev to cry too.

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