Why do we run out of stamina so easily and have a less powerful stun than runners?

I feel like I run out of stamina using an ability that doesn't stop runners from doing things. I can stop them for a while and stop them from interacting, but then here I am getting stunned multiple times just waiting until I can move again and runners can move right after a stun.


  • pistkittypistkitty Member ✭✭

    Our shock ability got nerfed into the ground because runners whined and cried about it, of course. It used to last....I wanna say just over one second, enough time to maybe get a good shot off. They couldn't handle that, so now we just tickle em a little bit.

  • pistkittypistkitty Member ✭✭

    A better question would be "why does runner spammable slow last like five seconds?" Why do they have twp or three spammable stuns that each last longer than our pathetic little tickle does? Their spammable blind lasts several seconds as well. Why is none of this addressed? The answer is in the question of course, as the devs were willing to destroy their own game to keep their precious little runners overpowered and dominant.

  • voldovoldo Member

    Cant put it any better than the way you guys have.

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