Sending in bug reports

KatieKatie Member admin

Hey hey!

Please send all bug reports to support ---->

This way it can be tracked properly in our system, assigned to be fixed, etc.

While you can use this forum to discuss problems and help each other out, ultimately we need support tickets sent in so we can address them properly.



Submit a Support Ticket Here!


  • ShoTyShoTy Member

    Hey I pls need ur help... i played alpha and got a new key for the closed beta, but always i redeem the code is just says that i already have the game, i know i have it but all the time i start the game it just says that alpha is over and pls join on 19th for the closed beta and than it closes for me?

    Anyone got same problem ? i cant play the game even if i reinstall deathgarden....not even with a key from my always says the same WARNING...

    pls any help from the Devs?

  • Paproch246Paproch246 Member

    Because site is not working on my pc, I send it here. There was a text block on spawn 'please change text' (behind statue on spawn).


    ultrawide support was available pre update, now its not is it a bug? why would you remove it?

  • EliPerEliPer Member ✭✭

    I was playing one match that was with 3 hunters instead of 2. And just 7 scavengers. When the 3rd hunter left the game another hunter entered the match instead the 8th scavenger. So, the match never started because everytime the guy that was missing on the scavenger's side entered as hunter.

  • EliPerEliPer Member ✭✭

    RATTLER RX35 CHALLENGE 5 is not working. It says hit 80 scavengers, but the progress is not been counted.

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